Work with the Marrakech Film Commission.

Your imagination can run wild.

We offer foreign film crews the best possible working conditions, production framework, and a complete set of services especially adapted to cinema and audiovisual production.

Highly skilled human resources.

A rich ethnic diversity enables a great choice of extras and multilingual technicians and craftsmen trained by national and international film-makers, available for all production categories.

Political and social stability,

as well as economic prosperity make our country an attractive destination for producers, directors, cinematographers and production designers from all over the world.

Our broad range of landscapes, historical settings and cultures are mythical.

The Marrakech-Safi Region offers authenticity, an extensive choice of settings, and a rich visual heritage as well as hot and temperate climates. It is one of the few regions in the world so thoroughly endowed with nature’s bounty.

You will enjoy proximity to western countries.

Morocco, located at the gate of Africa and Europe, is bordered by the Mediterranean in the north, and by the Atlantic in the west. Opening onto the Sahara desert, the country has always been the hub of history, presenting an ideal production location.