This measure will come into force in October 2017. Details with Sarim Fassi Fihri, director of the Moroccan Film Center. Morocco is setting up a grant to attract foreign film shoots. This is what emerges from the communiqué of the Governing Council held yesterday Thursday July 27 in Rabat. Draft Decree 2.17.373 was adopted during this meeting of the Government.

This decree concerns the digitization and restoration of production rooms in Morocco. But what really attracts attention is indeed the issue of subsidizing foreign productions in Morocco. From October 2017, foreign producers will be able to reimburse up to 20% of the investment amount. But provided that the productions involved mobilize a budget of at least 10 million dirhams (Equivalent to about 1 million USD) and that the shooting takes place over a period of at least 18 days.

In order to qualify for the refund, investors must provide proof of eligible expenses: Local talent, crew, hotel bills, airline tickets, studios, equipment rental, transport, fuel, art department spendings, aerial shooting, etc….

Institutional support

from all official state organizations including the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Navy, the Royal Gendarmarie and the National Police force.

One stop services

to facilitate procedures and contacts with departments and authorities involved in filming.

Customs facilities

to simplify temporary importation procedures for filming equipment, enabling easy customs clearance.

Competitive costs

that Will save between 30 to 50% of your production budget.

Preferential Rates

to film on historic sites and monuments.


You plan to shoot in Morocco :
-A feature length film
-A television series
-A TV film
-A docufiction or a documentary
-A long form fiction for internet
If you plan :
-At least 10 million dirhams spend in Morocco (approx. $1M)
-At least 18 days work in Morocco including set building

Morocco will reimburse 20% of eligible expenses


Before your production you should send a request to the CCM including :
-The type of project
-The planned length of your work in Morocco
-The total amount you plan to spend in Morocco
-The amount of eligible expenses in Morocco
-The amount of financial support you are requesting
Within 30 days :
The CCM will send you a conditional approval depending on remaining funds in the CCM production support budget and ask that you pay a 5% deposit of the amount requested.
From the date of payment of your deposit you have :
-6 months to start work
-12 months from the first day of shooting to finish your shoot
-3 months from the end of shooting to submit your accounts detailing spend in Morocco
-6 months after you submit accounts to receive your payment


In order to benefit from production support you must :
-Release the Moroccan cultural usage rights (festivals, schools and libraries) to the CCM for an unlimited term 1 year after the worldwide commercial releas
-Provide a copy of the film to the CCM
-Authorize the CCM to use extracts of the film for publicity purposes for the promotion of Morocco as a destination for cinema production or tourism
-Undertake to include the following in the opening credits of the film “This film has benefitted from production support from the Kingdom of Morocco” in the language of the credits of the film. The CCM reserves the right to change this term or replace it as a logo indicating the production support provided
-Pay the totality of monies due to the Moroccan technicians, crew and suppliers having been contracted by the production. You must also have paid any debt due in the submission of your request for production support.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the regulatory texts governing the production support and where can I find them ?
-Article 23 of Finance Law 2016
-Decree 2.12.325 of Ramadan 28, 433 (August 17, 2012) which establishes the conditions and procedures for supporting the film production, digitization, the renovation and creation of movie theatres and the organization of film festivals as modified and completed by the Decree 2.17.373 of August 2, 2017
-Joint order 2117-18 of the minister of culture and communications, and the minister of economy and finance, dated 4 July 2018, amending the joint order 2948-17 of the minister of culture and communications, and the minister of economy and finance, dated 19 January 2018, on award conditions, criteria and procedures of support for the production in Morocco of foreign cinematographic and audiovisual works
-Chart of accounts regarding the production of foreign cinematographic and audiovisual works in Morocco.
What are the eligible expenses ?
The list is available as an annex to the chart of accounts on the CCM website Additionally :
- Eligible expenses cannot be paid in cash
- Eligible expenses are capped at 90% of total expenditure Is the production support capped ?
-Yes, production support id capped at 18 million dirhams per production (approx. $1.8M).
Is the production support capped ?
A Moroccan-foreign coproduction can benefit from production support. In this case the eligibility tests are applied uniquely to the foreign co-producer’s spend in Morocco.
Where should I send my application for production support ?
Requests for production support should be sent to the Secretary of the Commission for Foreign Production Support, overseen by the Director of the CCM. The commission sits twice a year minimum and otherwise when necessary.